Online Slovene under Scrutiny of Students

Špela Arhar Holdt


During 4 and 8 July 2016, the JANES Summer School and Summer Camp took place at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. It was organized under the auspices of the Department of Translation and with financial suppport of the Slovenian research infrastructure within the European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology (CLARIN). The summer school and camp were dedicated to researching online Slovene and hosted 14 university students and 21 secondary-students.


JANES Summer School, nonstandard Slovene

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PDF (Slovenščina)


Fišer, D. (2015): Raziskovalni tabor spletne slovenščine za srednješolce JANES. Slovenščina 2.0 3 (1): 59-61.



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