A Dictionary of Contemporary Slovene: Lexicographic Tradition or/and Innovation

  • Polona Gantar Inštitut za slovenski jezik Frana Ramovša ZRC SAZU
Keywords: dictionary of contemporary Slovene, lexicographic tradition, state-of-the-art lexicography, dictionary concept


The Proposal for a Dictionary of Contemporary Slovene, published in May 2013, has stirred many debates in both academic circles and in media. The topic central to all the debates was whether a new dictionary of Slovene should follow the tradition established by the Dictionary of Literary Slovene (published in 1970s), which was based on the structuralist theories of the Prague school, or move away from this tradition. All this lead to differing views on what a dictionary tradition is, and on the role of new lexicographic methods. By analyzing the concepts of the Dictionary of Literary Slovene and the Dictionary of New Slovene Lexis (published in 2012), as well as making an overview of scientific articles dealing with the topic of a concept for a new dictionary of Slovene, this paper attempts to establish which elements of lexicographic theory can be viewed as traditional and which represent innovation in Slovene lexicography. Simultaneously, a concept for a new dictionary is considered from three perspectives: the user, the medium, and the use of language technologies, which would facilitate language description and meet the needs of language community. As the author argues, a new dictionary of Slovene will do well to carefully consider the status of literary language in contemporary Slovene, be corpus driven and user oriented (rather than academic), incorporate various lexicographic findings, e.g. use different approaches to defining (depending on their efficiency at different word classes or categories of words), be digital born, i.e. devised with an online medium in mind, offer updates on a regular basis, and utilize various language technologies, such as automatic example extraction, in its design to facilitate dictionary compilation. Only thus will the new dictionary become a state-of-the-art lexicographic product and a worthy successor to the Dictionary of Standard Slovene.


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Gantar, P. (2014): Slovar sodobnega slovenskega jezika: leksikografska tradicija in/ali inovacija. Slovenščina 2.0, 2 (2): 194–231.
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