The INL Dictionary Writing System

  • Carole Tiberius Institute of Dutch Lexicology (NL)
  • Jan Niestadt Institute of Dutch Lexicology (NL)
  • Tanneke Schoonheim Institute of Dutch Lexicology (NL)
Keywords: Dictionary Writing System, lexicography, in-house system


The INL-DWS is a Dictionary Writing System (DWS) for compiling monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. It has been developed at the Institute of Dutch Lexicology (INL) since 2007 and is now being used for the production of a monolingual dictionary at INL and a bilingual dictionary at the Fryske Akademy. This paper describes the functionalities of the system, on the one hand, from a lexicographical point of view, and on the other hand, from a more technical perspective. The paper concludes with a short evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of in-house systems versus off-the-shelf systems.


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Tiberius, C., Niestadt, J., Schoonheim, T. (2014): The INL Dictionary Writing System. Slovenščina 2.0, 2 (2): 72–93.
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TiberiusC., NiestadtJ., & SchoonheimT. (2014). The INL Dictionary Writing System. Slovenščina 2.0: Empirical, Applied and Interdisciplinary Research, 2(2), 72-93.