• Karmen Teržan Kopecky University of Maribor
Keywords: information, information-technology, cognition, communication, translation


Information is in itself an elementary form, which affects all aspects of life; this paper seeks to shed light on how the insights of quantum-physics and other related natural sciences can help us deepen our understanding of information. Quantum physics has given us an insight into the unimaginable speed of information transfer. New scientific achievements involving a shift from local to global thinking and researching was made possible, which effects also the quality of studies of language-coded information. The latter exists on all levels and spheres (from space to the smallest cell particles).
If the latter is observed from the point of view of language, a universal but at the same time also prototypical and idiosyncratically originated system properties are the basic sources of meaning and sense, transported by language. Cultural experience, business and other professional activities and meanings are constituents of communicative situations of various text types as well.
Language is basically a natural system and as such based on similar functional mechanisms as other living systems. A goal-oriented information exchange depends on numerous conditions and influences of the language system as such (e.g. grammar, semiotics, semantics, pragmatics etc.) in order to connect itself with as many information sources as possible from the inner- and outer world of communicators to create a reasonable entirety.
Information can provide communicative meaning, only if it is used in social and natural environments. The nature of these processes is presented in this paper with regard to different kinds of information exchange.


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Teržan KopeckyK. (2019). ENTITY INFORMATION IN THE TENSION FIELD BETWEEN WORD AND TEXT. Linguistica, 59(1), 333-347. https://doi.org/10.4312/linguistica.59.1.333-347