Localizing conditional clauses in the left periphery: evidence from multiple complementizer constructions in romance

Nicola Munaro


This article analyzes the distribution of conditional clauses in multiple complementizer constructions, showing that preposed adverbial clauses could occupy in early Italo-Romance varieties different specifier positions within the left periphery of embedded clauses, a possibility that has been lost with time in Italo-Romance but is still attested in modern Ibero-Romance. It is further argued that in multiple complementizer structures the highest complementizer invariably lexicalizes the head Force°, while the other occurrences of the complementizer mark the lower boundary of the main two Topic subfields.


complementizer doubling, conditional clause, Ibero-Romance, Italo-Romance, Topic field

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4312/linguistica.56.1.211-224


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