Word order variation in Plautus

  • Matjaž Babič University of Ljubljana
Keywords: Word order variation in Plautus


Unlike some other language phenomena, word order is an unavoidable feature of an utterance. It can be observed in any language as it is always necessary to arrange words (provided the language in question discerns such meaningful entities) in some linear order. It is, however, much more difficult to explain it, since its function can­ not be fully established in advance. Even with fairly numerous indications of its role, it would be quite bold to attempt a comprehensive analysis of word order phenomena even in Plautus, let alone in Latin as a whole.


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BabičM. (2005). Word order variation in Plautus. Linguistica, 45(1), 225-238. https://doi.org/10.4312/linguistica.45.1.225-238