Dionysius Thrax and the Beginnings of Grammar Terminology

  • Rok Kuntner
Keywords: Dionysius Thrax, grammar terminology, Rok Kuntner


The centrepiece of the paper is an integral translation of the Grammar by Dionysius Thrax, furnished with annotations on the more obscure passages as well as a study. The study explains the context of its composition, outlines its distinctive features, and discusses the Greek grammarian tradition, to which contemporary grammar studies owe practically all their terminology. The tradition of translating grammar terms is illustrated by a chart presenting the principle of calquing Greek terms into Latin and Latin terms into Slovenian. With this purpose, as well as for the sake of faithfully illustrating the original grammar concepts, the translation employs the established Slovenian terminology. When the established term is semantically or conceptually removed from the original Greek term, the latter is calqued with a more transparent Slovenian term – even if dated or not widely acknowledged – and with an occasional neologism.


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Kuntner, Rok. 2020. “Dionysius Thrax and the Beginnings of Grammar Terminology”. Keria: Studia Latina Et Graeca 21 (2), 65-93. https://doi.org/10.4312/keria.21.2.65-93.