Dr. Joža Lovrenčič and His Buried Metamorphoses


  • David Movrin University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts




dr. Joža Lovrenčič, Metamorphoses


After Italy’s capitulation and the collapse of its Fascist regime in 1943, classicist dr. Joža Lovrenčič (1890-1952) became principal at the newly established Slovenian gymnasium in Gorica, where he himself had once been a student. After the war, he was convicted at the show trial and imprisoned; and once released from prison, he was prohibited from getting a job. During this inner emigration he got interested in Ovid, a poet of somewhat similar destiny, and between 1950 and 1952 he translated the Metamorphoses. However, the final months of 1952, when he finished his translation, were marked by a violent media campaign against Catholic Church, following the appointment of the Zagreb Cardinal Stepinac. Lovrenčič showed his translation to his friend and colleague at the pre-war Catholic journal Dom in svet dr. France Koblar. When Koblar rejected the manuscript, Lovrenčič returned home, where he died from a stroke, while the Metamorphoses remained unpublished.


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