The Herodotean "Amazonic" Artemisia

  • Konstantinos N. Deligiorgis Lomonosov Moscow State University
Keywords: Ancient Greek literature, Herodotus, Artemisia


A large part of the oeuvre written by Herodotus of Halicarnassus consists of narratives presenting female protagonists. The historian’s interest and curiosity are fascinated and attracted by mysterious queens with masculine attitudes. Perhaps the best-known heroine of that uncommon ‘elite’ is Artemisia, queen of Halicarnassus and compatriot of Herodotus. Describing her presence and action during the great Persian War against Greece, the paper attempts to investigate her role by comparing her with the Amazons of myth and legend and their influence on the barbaric Scythian tribe of the Sauromatae. Herodotus interweaves reality and mythology in order to portray an unusual type, a miraculous female figure who commands our admiration.


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DeligiorgisKonstantinos N. 2016. “The Herodotean "Amazonic" Artemisia”. Keria: Studia Latina Et Graeca 18 (2), 5-15.