Ancient Greek new music

  • Martin Žužek Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis Fakulteta za podiplomski humanistični študij Breg 12 SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Ancient Greek new music


In this article I use a contextual approach to questions about the revolutionary »new music« in ancient Greece. This view is different from the nowadays most common formalistk view. Rather than analyze textual sources stylistically, I will try to present the available lata in the context of the structure and events of the Athenian society at a tirne when a wave of »new« poetics appeared. In the following discussion it is argued that the »new music« and the phenomena of the destruction of mousiké connected with it are not an esthetical novum, but more a consequence of the change of the discursive practice, where a musical poetry became less important and needless.


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