Some Thoughts on the Dramatic Character in the Sophoclean Tragedy

  • Brane Senegačnik University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts
Keywords: some thoughts on the dramatic character role in the Sofocles tragedy


In the comparison with the antique and traditional notion of character (personality) the modem notion proves far more appliable for the analysis of antique (ancient) drama. Stil more, this modem, extended notion of character (personality) opens the door to a new intepretation of Sophocles' (as well as Aeschylus' and Euripides') dramaturgy. One does not do justice to his dramas judging their heros by Shakespearian or romantic standards; Sophocles, due to demands ofhis dramaturgy technique, very often gives only a hint of what is a trne nature of his heros, yet this hint can enable modem reader to form himself a pic ture of personalities on the stage.


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