Symbolism of Bed in Euripides' Alcestis

  • Maja Sunčič Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis Fakulteta za podiplomski humanistični študij Breg 12 SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: Symbolism of Bed in Euripides' Alcestis


In the Greek imaginary the concept of bed is associated with various institutions and especially with the feminine. In Eu­ ripides' Alcestis bed represents the place of exchange of material and symbolic va­ lues. The system of reversals of gender roles is materialized in the bed and al­ lows both Alcestis and Admetus to trans­ gress the traditional gender roles. Adme­ tus has to recover his sovereignty and aut­ hority in oikos and in polis though Alce­ stis' bed, whereas with her death in bed Alcestis surpasses the traditional femini­ ne role, obtaining kleos in poems and an inscription on her grave.


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