De mortibus persecutorum between christian and pagan historiography

  • Aleš Maver
Keywords: historiography


The article discusses the place of Lactantius' text How the Persecutors Died within the traditions of ancient historiography, both Christian and pagan. An analysis of the origins and development of ancient Christian historiography reveals that Lactantius - in spite of extensive accounts dealing with political history, which does not play a role in other Christian writings -remains faithful with his central theme to the main Christian idea of history as a cosmic struggle between good and evil, which is led by God. On the other hand, his work also remains connected to the Roman pagan historiography, especially by his repeated moralising emphases. In this respect, the parallels with Tacitus are of particular interest.


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Maver, Aleš. 2004. “De Mortibus Persecutorum Between Christian and Pagan Historiography”. Keria: Studia Latina Et Graeca 6 (2), 71-92.
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