Linguistic researches of the word order in Ancient Greek

  • Matjaž Babič
Keywords: Ancient Greek, word order, linguistics


When a modern linguist is confronted with a corpus language, new challenges are to be met. Linguistic material that has been preserved to us in case of Ancient Greek is voluminous, it also includes texts of a broad stylistic range. The main difficulty is represented by the fact that one can not rely on the same methods that one would apply to a word order research in a modern language where, as the last resort, native speakers exist that can be consulted. It is therefore no surprise that a search for an applicable method was a prominent feature of most modern linguistic researches of the word order in Ancient Greek.


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Matjaž Babič

Univerza v Ljubljani,

Filozofska fakulteta,

Aškerčeva 2, 

1000 Ljubljana

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Babič, Matjaž. 2003. “Linguistic Researches of the Word Order in Ancient Greek”. Keria: Studia Latina Et Graeca 5 (1), 9-22.
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