Aristophanes' Theatre

  • Andreja Inkret Ziherlova 39 1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: greek comedy, Aristophanes, literary studies, metatheatre


In my paper, I focus on Aristophanic »metatheatricality«. In the first part, I lay emphasis on one of the specifics of Aristophanic playwrighting: dramatis personae of his comedies are never only characters of a plot, but always also actors, that is to say, characters of a performance, representing characters of the plot. In the second part, I pay attention to stage conventions which seem important as regards the understanding of Aristophanic »metatheatre«, namely the Greek convention according to which all parts of a drama were represented by three or four actors. The latter might have meant that there existed two stories on stage in Greek theatre: one was »the story of a character«, as written in the plot, while the other was »the story of an actor«, which was established within the performance with the help of all the parts represented in a performance by a sole actor. At the end, I raise a crucial question: what happens if a text, written for the Greek theatre and its specific conventions, is revived in the modern theatre of different conventions?


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