Two Prehistoric Silver Votive Plaques from the Šentviška Planota Plateau

  • Boštjan Laharnar National Museum of Slovenia
  • Miha Mlinar Tolmin Museum
Keywords: Šentvid mountain, astral symbols, archeological sites, prehistory, votive plaques


The paper presents two silver votive plaques found on the sites Vrh Gradu and Berlotov Rob on the Šentviška Planota plateau in the Tolmin region, Slovenia. Vrh Gradu is a narrow ridge situated on the edge of the plateau, high above the gorge of the Idrijca River. The site has yielded a considerable quantity of archaeological finds, dating from Late Bronze Age to the Late Roman period. Among the prehistoric and Roman items there stands out a silver plaque bearing a Venetic inscription. A few kilometres to the east lies the Berlotov Rob site. This rocky, dome-like hill, furrowed by karstic phenomena, already seems to have impressed prehistoric inhabitants as it has yielded numerous archaeological items dating between the 5th  century BC and the beginning of the Roman period. An exceptional find is a silver circular plaque bearing astral symbols. The two items under discussion importantly further our understan- ding of the pre-Roman community in the Soča region. They strongly argue for the use of writing and of time measurement, and possibly for lunar standstill orientations of the sites.


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Laharnar, Boštjan, and Miha Mlinar. 2014. “Two Prehistoric Silver Votive Plaques from the Šentviška Planota Plateau”. Keria: Studia Latina Et Graeca 16 (1), 9-20.