The Etruscan Language as an Intermediary in the Import of Greek Words into Latin

  • Tina Silič Filozofska fakulteta Oddelek za klasično filologijo Aškerčeva c. 2 SI-1000 Ljubljana
Keywords: old Greek language, Latin language, Etruscan language, loan words, classical languages, linguistics


A number of Greek words imported into Latin are modified in ways which cannot be explained by the properties of either language, thus suggesting an intermediary. The article examines the modifications of Greek words in the Etruscan language, attempting to determine patterns which could explain the unusual forms of the same loan words in Latin.


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Silič, Tina. 2006. “The Etruscan Language As an Intermediary in the Import of Greek Words into Latin”. Keria: Studia Latina Et Graeca 8 (1), 43-59.
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