Joža Lovrenčič and Macaronic Latin in the Scholar from Trenta

  • Anja Božič
  • David Movrin University of Ljubljana
Keywords: Joža Lovrenčič, The Scholar from Trenta, Between Scylla and Charybdis, macaronisms, macaronic Latin


The study analyzes the literary opus of dr. Joža Lovrenčič (1890- 1952), a Slovenian poet, writer, translator, and classicist. Pointing out several details in his curriculum vitae, it deals primarily with his affinity for Graeco-Roman antiquity. A case in point is one of his early works, a story entitled Between Scylla and Charybdis, as
well as his epic poem The Scholar from Trenta (1939). The Scholar from Trenta, in particular, employs a series of allusions as well as quotations from classical antiquity. It often blends Slovenian with Latin, sometimes changing the idiom completely. The literary style in these passages can be best described as macaronic Latin.


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Božič, A., & Movrin, D. (2019). Joža Lovrenčič and Macaronic Latin in the Scholar from Trenta. Clotho, 1(1), 103-119.
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