Confucian Post-Liberalism

  • Robert Anthony Carleo III The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Keywords: Li Zehou, Confucian ethics, Confucian political philosophy, liberalism, post-liberalism


This paper reviews parallel attacks on the ethical basis of liberal principles from within and without that tradition, one the Confucian-Kantian perspective of contemporary philosopher Li Zehou 李澤厚 and the other the un-Kantian “post-liberalism” of John Gray. Both reject foundational claims regarding the universality of liberal values and principles while still affirming the universal value of those principles via their practical function in fostering for human flourishing. I point out that Gray’s anti-foundationalist liberalism not only aligns with the Confucian elements of Li Zehou’s theory, but may even be enriched by them.


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Carleo IIIR. A. (2020). Confucian Post-Liberalism. Asian Studies, 8(1), 147-165.
On the edge between Politics and Ethics:Relationship between Harmony and Justice