Dual Portraits of the Deceased in Yangqiaopan M1, Jingbian, Shaanxi

  • Leslie Wallace Coastal Carolina University
Keywords: Han tomb murals, Han Northern frontier, portraiture, processional scene, spirit seat (lingwei)


Murals decorating an Eastern Han tomb excavated in Jingbian, Shaanxi include two large-scale representations of the deceased who appears in a processional scene on the left front wall of the tomb wearing typical Han elite dress, and then again on the rear wall in a regional version of a spirit seat (lingwei) composition, clean-shaven and donning a hairstyle uncommon in Han mortuary art. This paper considers these depictions in terms of Han pictorial conventions and argues that they are dual portraits of the deceased in which different attributes of his political, social, and cultural identity are stressed.


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WallaceL. (2019). Dual Portraits of the Deceased in Yangqiaopan M1, Jingbian, Shaanxi. Asian Studies, 7(2), 203-219. https://doi.org/10.4312/as.2019.7.2.203-219
Tomb Iconography in the Territory between Southwestern and Northern Frontiers