CALL FOR PAPERS for the May 2022 Special issue of the Asian Studies journal, entitled: “History and Methodology of Logic in China”


History of logic in China has become one of the central themes of contemporary Chinese studies in intellectual history as well as an important emerging topic in a new wave of Western historiography of ideas aimed at presenting a more comprehensive historical account of logical thinking and discourse on logic, extending across the boundaries of language, culture, and discursive traditions. The recent surge of comparison or synthesis-based approaches in Western studies of Chinese philosophy and logic has also revealed a profound lack of elementary material (introductions, overviews etc.) on history of modern logic in China in Anglophone scientific literature. Such overviews are not only necessary as gap-filling complements to Western sinological research in Chinese intellectual history, but, more importantly, can provide an invaluable insight into past Chinese scholarship on logic to Western historians of logic who are unable to overcome the barriers of language, historical legacy or other circumstances.     

We invite submissions to a special issue of Asian Studies journal that focusses on history of Chinese logic in People’s Republic of China. Despite of the fact that, in Chinese academia the past few years have witnessed a significant increase in historical studies and retrospective surveys of Chinese logical past, their numerous results have not yet been adequately and comprehensively represented in Western scientific literature. To fill this gap, this special issue will aim to provide one of the first such collections of contributions surveying the historical developments of various branches of both traditional and modern logic in China in the last 70 years. Apart from historical surveys on the development of various branches of logic in the PRC, which will make up the main part of this special issue, a special section will also be reserved for specialized discussions relating to the nature and characteristics of Chinese logic, its metatheoretical methodological issues, as well as other aspects of early-modern interpretations of Western logic in China.

This special issue will be compiled under the joint editorship of Prof. Chen Bo of Wuhan University (previously Peking University) and Jan Vrhovski from University of Ljubljana.   

Please kindly submit your contribution via this website. if you have any further questions about this special issue, please contact the editor-in-chief, Jana S. Rošker at

Publication timeline:

Submission deadline: December 31, 2021

Online publication: May 10, 2022

Printed issue: May 30, 2022