Prenos športnega dogodka kot televizijska kulturna forma

  • Jože Vogrinc
##semicolon## televizija, globalni kapitalizem, kulturne forme, mediatizacija športa, sprotni (= neposredni) prenos


Direct TV broadcasting of sport events is undoubtedly the focal point of interest of sport fans in sports media as well as of sponsors and investors responsible for the global mediatisation of popular sports. In this article, the centrality of direct TV broadcasts in the televisual coverage of sports, as well as in the presence of sports in new media in general is explained in the context of the impact of the mediatisation of sports upon cultural forms of TV coverage of sports. The complexity of these forms and its main features (the role of the commentator, the rules of editing, dramatisation and narrativisation in direct broadcasts) are analysed.


Kako citirati
Vogrinc, J. (2012). Prenos športnega dogodka kot televizijska kulturna forma. Ars & Humanitas, 6(1), 73-87.