Medievalizem: od Ruskina k Chestertonu


  • Marko Jenko Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta


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srednji vek, recepcija, medievalizem, medievistika, medievaleskno, umetnostna zgodovina, objektivnosubjektivno


This article deals with the topic of medievalism as all existing, still evolving, and future forms of reception of the Middle Ages, focusing primarily on the issues of the term itself and the problems that arise with its definition, its occurrence in John Ruskin’s time, various historical forms, and their variations, especially considering some of the implications of its official or academic aspect – namely, medieval studies in general. Consequently, the article shows that medievalism entails a step beyond or beneath the usual opposition between the real and false Middle Ages. In terms of objectivity as an ideal, as the search or quest for the real Middle Ages (and also as a reaction against subjective receptions, colored by presuppositions, preconceptions, and prejudice), medievalism shifts our perspective on the opposition between the objective and subjective, inaugurating a field of study that centers on the objective-subjective, which should not be seen or taken as a synthesis. Furthermore, it pinpoints a change or shift in the status of truth itself: a truth with no guarantee. Primarily making reference to art history, the article emphasizes the importance of medievalist fantasies and proposes a much needed re-reading of Panofsky’s take on the scholastic habitus. Both terms, fantasy and/or habitus, permeate the field of medievalism, opening what is perhaps the most important question: that of (works of art and) materiality.


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Biografija avtorja

Marko Jenko, Univerza v Ljubljani, Filozofska fakulteta

Marko Jenko, profesor umetnostne zgodovine in univerzitetni diplomirani francist je trenutno zaposlen kot mladi raziskovalec in asistent na Oddelku za umetnostno zgodovino Filozofske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani, kjer pripravlja doktorat o recepciji srednjeveške umetnosti v teoriji in likovni umetnosti prve polovice dvajsetega stoletja. Njegova raziskovalna področja so: umetnostna zgodovina, likovna umetnost in psihoanaliza, srednji vek, moderna.




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Jenko, M. . (2009). Medievalizem: od Ruskina k Chestertonu. Ars &Amp; Humanitas, 3(1-2), 188–211.