A reminder: 2018 summer issue – Call for papers


Editors of the ALA journal invite researchers to submit their research articles, short contributions, review articles, and others, for the summer 2018 issue as soon as possible. The topic of the issue is, but not limited to, writings, sounds and everything in between.

Again, we are very proud to announce that the ALA journal of the University of Ljubljana is to be indexed by Scopus. The editorial board of the journal has already been officially notified by Elsevier.

ALA accepts new submissions on a continuous basis.

Author guidelines are available at


Articles are to be submitted at


Contact: nina.golob@ff.uni-lj.si
Website: http://revije.ff.uni-lj.si/ala/

An on-line journal Acta Linguistica Asiatica (ALA) is a peer-review Open Access Journal devoted to work pursuing formal approaches to the study of Asian Languages, especially East Asian languages.

It covers the areas of computational linguistics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language acquisition, morphology, phonology, phonetics, semantics, and syntax. It also welcomes works on other areas of linguistics that interfaces with one of the aforementioned areas.


Nina Golob

ALA editor