Ten Guidelines for Translating Legal Texts

  • Alenka Kocbek University in Koper
Keywords: cultureme, memetic structure, legal translation, skopos, comparative law


The paper proposes a targeted model for translating legal texts, developed by the author by combining translation science (i.e. functionalist approaches) with the findings of comparative law and legal linguistics. It consists of ten guidelines directing the translator from defining the intended function of the target text and selecting the corresponding translation type, through comparing the legal systems involved in the translation and analysing the memetic structure of the source text and parallel texts in the target culture to designing the target text as a cultureme and ensuring its legal security.


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Kocbek, A. (2017). Ten Guidelines for Translating Legal Texts. Journal for Foreign Languages, 9(1), 107-124. https://doi.org/10.4312/vestnik.9.107-124