Use of Francophone Tales in Developing Language Competences

  • Nataša Žugelj Université de Ljubljana Faculté des Lettres
Keywords: folktales, language skills, listening and reading comprehension, oral and written production


Traditional folktales as an authentic document belong to a literary genre which can be of great use in enhancing foreign language learning. When accompanied by diverse and fun activities, they can con- vert a foreign language learning into a very positive experience for different age groups. Folktales with language exercises for developing different language skills can be a great source for language analysis, vocabulary building and better expression in a foreign language. Its restricted length and its identifiable content make folktales user-friendly for teaching.




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ŽugeljN. (2015). Use of Francophone Tales in Developing Language Competences. Journal for Foreign Languages, 7(1), 217-227.
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