Changes in the Norwegian Samipolicy and the Situation of the Sami Language

  • Zsuzsanna Szilvási Kaposvár University
Keywords: Norwegian Samipolicy, Sami minority, rights, laws


In this article I would like to present the changes in the policy of Norway concerning its indigenous minority, the Sami. This minority group is the most numerous minority group in Norway, it has a special status in this country and the state provides special (language) rights for it. The way to the present situation was complicated, from the hard Norwegization to a democratic Sami policy.

The second half of the 1950s brought a great breakthrough, and the Sami organi zations, institutions and laws concerning the Sami were established one after the other. The most important reasons of this change were the international ideological trends, the awakening among the Sami and the organization of them.

The present system can be exemplary for other countries but it passed through im portant changes until it achieved its present form, and here the most important periods and changes will be presented.


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