Elements for a Cognitive Analysis of Poetic Discourse

  • Ángel Luján Atienza University of Castilla-La Mancha
Keywords: Cognitive Poetics, Relevance, Pragmatics of Poetry, Discourse Analysis, Poetry


This paper proposes the application of some of the analytical instruments developed in cognitive studies to poetic discourse as a preliminary step for a global treatment of poetry based on the principle of relevance. The lack of contributions of this type in the Hispanic field makes this exploration more important. This application has been structured according to the three levels of discourse analysis: the sentence level to which the principles of cognitive grammar are applied; the textual level, where the viability of the theory of textual worlds in poetry is shown; and the discursive level, where the problems of the poetic subject and the generic identity of poetry are reconsidered from a cognitive perspective.


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Luján Atienza Ángel. (2019). Elements for a Cognitive Analysis of Poetic Discourse. Verba Hispanica, 26(1), 213-232. https://doi.org/10.4312/vh.26.1.213-232