Jorge Luis Borges reader and author of prefaces by Italian authors

  • Nicola Tallarini University of Graz
Keywords: Jorge Luis Borges, Biblioteca personal, preface, paratext, letterato editore


This essay focus on part of Borges’ work as a prologue writer and as an editor-collaborator through the analysis of prologues he wrote to present these works to Argentinian readers. In the 1980s, Borges directed the editorial collection of the Biblioteca Hyspamérica in Argentina, where he included three works by Italian authors: Dino Buzzati’s Il deserto dei Tartari, Giovanni Papini’s short stories and Saggio su l’«Orlando Furioso» by Attilio Momigliano. The analysis centers on the work of an intellectual who enabled the modern reader to rediscover classic as well as forgotten works. The aim of the essay is to shed light on Borges’ role as a letterato editore and as a prologuista. Furthermore, my analysis aims to confirm the hypothesis that there was a perfect symbiotic relationship between Borges and Italy.


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Tallarini, N. (2017). Jorge Luis Borges reader and author of prefaces by Italian authors. Verba Hispanica, 25(1), 309-322.