Borges' ‘late style’: literature, memory and time

  • Adriana Mancini Universidad de Buenos Aires
Keywords: time, insomnia, death, double, late style


Using the concept of ‘late style’ established by Adorno (1993) in his analysis of the last quartets of Beethoven and adopted up by Said (2006), we consider the mature Borges’s essays on time and immortality and his exploration of the themes of The Double and insomnia in his fictional works Stories of the Book of Sand and poem The Cipher. We analyse some key characteristics of Borges’s style – coincidences and dissidences – and compare them to those proposed by Adorno for artistic production in later years.


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Mancini, A. (2017). Borges’ ‘late style’: literature, memory and time. Verba Hispanica, 25(1), 231-240.