The prepositional verbal argument in Spanish and its translations to Croatian: preliminary observations


  • Bojana Mikelenić Filozofski fakultet Zagreb



syntax, Spanish, Croatian, prepositional verbal argument, verbal complements


This article provides a contrastive analysis of the prepositional verbal argument in Spanish (es. complemento de régimen preposicional – CR) and its translations in Croatian, based on a parallel corpus. Ever since Alarcos Llorach postulated it in 1968, there have been many theoretical works about the CR (Vid. Bibliography). Nevertheless, many problems identified by these authors (e.g. lack of a definitive criterion for its identification, the possibility of varying the argument type, double transitivity, pronominal substitution, etc.) are still the subject of debate. On the other hand, the equivalent function to the CR in Croatian is classified as a type of indirect object (Katičić, 2002). Further, the rich nominal inflection in Croatian changes the role of prepositions in relation to the syntactic functions. We will compare parts of the syntactic structures of these two languages, rarely compared in linguistic literature, seeking to offer insight into verbal complements in Spanish.


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Author Biography

Bojana Mikelenić, Filozofski fakultet Zagreb

Bojana Mikelenić trabaja como becaria de investigación en la Cátedra de Lengua Española del Departamento de Estudios Románicos, Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Zagreb, donde imparte clases de morfología y sintaxis españolas. Actualmente está matriculada en el programa de doctorado en Lingüística de la misma facultad. Para su tesis doctoral analizará el complemento de régimen preposicional en español y en croata. Su área de interés incluye la lingüística de corpus, el análisis contrastivo y traductológico del español y del croata, así como la morfosintaxis española.



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Mikelenić, B. (2017). The prepositional verbal argument in Spanish and its translations to Croatian: preliminary observations. Verba Hispanica, 25(1), 37–53.