Native Legends in Juan María Gutiérrez and Adolfo Berro´s Poetry

Eugenia Ortiz Gambetta


This paper aims to consider how Caicobé and Liropeya´s legends had fictionalized in Adolfo Berro´s “Yandubayú y Liropeya (año de 1574)” (1840) and Juan M. Gutiérrez´s “Caicobé” and “Irupeya” (1843). These pieces are linked to other poems, plays and novels from Argentina and Uruguay. All of its was based on the work Argentina y conquista del Río de la Plata (1602) by M. del Barco Centenera and use its ethnographic topics to construct the River Plate identity. These works make up the imagery of the “mythology of absence” in relation to the Charruas and Guarani people, modeller speeches of Buenos Aires and oriental fiction.


Adolfo Berro, Juan M. Gutiérrez, native legends, ethnography, literature



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