Perception of the Varieties of Spanish by Students of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Zagreb

Maša Musulin, Metka Bezlaj


In 2016 a survey was carried out among students of Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Zagreb. The survey consisted of two parts and in this work we present the data obtained by the questionnaire, in which the students’ sociolinguistic knowledge of the Spanish language and its varieties was ascertained. The questionnaire was completed anonymously and voluntarily by 154 participants. The results showed that the Zagreb students recognize, among all the varieties of Spanish, the one from Madrid as the representative and the most identifiable, which can be explained by the fact that Spain is a European country and, therefore, much more accessible for Croatian students but also because of the influence of the RAE and its lexicographical works that predominate in the teaching of Spanish. A certain percentage of the questioned students believe that there is a less correct variety of Peninsular Spanish – Andalusian. The results also show the influence not only of the linguistic knowledge obtained during studies but furthermore the attitudes towards certain varieties. It is noted that Croatian students acquire not only the language but also sometimes the attitudes and stereotypes that generally exist among Spaniards. That means that the attitudes towards certain varieties are not necessary the result of their own evaluation but the stereotypes reflected by the greater contact with Spain and Spaniards.


linguistic varieties, standard language, norm, Spanish, University Studies of Spanish Language



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