Femme fatale

  • Francisco Javier Tardío Gastón
Keywords: women, literature, film, femme fatale, feminist criticism


Our history is full of myths and topics. Therefore the image of femme fatale is frequent in the works of all periods and places. The author of this article first analyzes how the history and literature consistently showed and defined these women, and then presents examples that come from ancient Greece. The art is powered by their power of seduction and the article explains how this femme fatale appeared in literature and film. The article concludes with a brief overview of various arguments concerning women and feminism, present in the literary criticism.


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Tardío GastónF. J. (2011). Femme fatale. Verba Hispanica, 19(1), 89-100. https://doi.org/10.4312/vh.19.1.89-100