The short adverb of manner in the formal Mexico Spanish


  • Lorena Yadira Medina Gómez
  • Luisa Josefina Alarcón Neve



short adverb, long adverb, formal register, informal register


In different Spanish dialects and in other romances languages it has been observed that the use of the short form of the adverb of manner (directo,rápido) is restricted to oral and informal registers, in contrast with the long form (directamente, rápidamente), which is preferred in writing and in formal registers. However, in Mexican Spanish, the use of the short form is more extended and it is not restricted to oral contexts. In this study we sought evidence of the use of adverbs in their short form in formal registers. To this end 15 adverbs were analyzed in their short form -adverbialzed adjectives-and long form -ending in mente- in two corpuses of different sociocommunicative registers of Mexican Spanish.The results show that short form adverb is also used in formal registers, but the preference for this form in oral registers and for the long form adverb in writing is confirmed.


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Medina Gómez, L. Y., & Alarcón Neve, L. J. (2013). The short adverb of manner in the formal Mexico Spanish. Verba Hispanica, 21(1), 55–74.