Slovenska muzikologija: Kratek prelet po zgodovini

  • Boštjan Udovič University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Slovenia
Keywords: sources, modern era, the nineteenth century, the twentieth century, University of Ljubljana, Matjaž Barbo


Although The Slovenian Musicology by Matjaž Barbo only promises a quick overview, it is significantly more than just that. It is an outline of what was taking place in Slovenian musicology during the past 800 years, but also an extraordinary source of data and interesting facts that have been mostly unknown until now. The author notes already in the foreword that his discussion is not focused on musicology from the perspective of point zero (that is, its inclusion among the seven muses of the Faculty of Arts), but that his aim is to study the sources of Slovenian musicology. He begins in the fourteenth century, with the Cistercian monks of Stična, the centre of the world for the nascent Slovenian people.


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Matjaž Barbo. Slovenska muzikologija: Kratek prelet po zgodovini. [The Slovenian Musicology: A Brief Historical Overview.] Historia facultatis. Ljubljana: Založba Filozofske fakultete, 2019.

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