• Katarina Šter Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute of Musicology, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Musicological Annual, 2020, Katarina Šter


The new issue of the Musicological Annual is another small piece in the puzzle of European musical culture, which in turn consists of smaller pieces itself. It was (and will be) put together by the people who write it, prepare it for publication, study it and read it. Each of them strives for a new insight into everything musical from their own perspective and on the basis of their subjective and objective circumstances. It may seem that such musicological insights are of interest only to a limited circle of people, but they know – as do many others – that scientific research and discussion about music, even if not directly visible, are necessary foundations of musical life and its high quality at all levels; that this is the way to keep our musical horizons wide open, even if not everyone ventures to the lands beyond those we know; and that this has an impact on the society we help to shape and of which we are a part. Perhaps this co-dependence of different members and parts of our society has become more transparent during the time of making of this volume. The spring of 2020 will be remembered mainly for the coronavirus epidemic, to which even the Musicological Annual was not immune. The work of many people involved in the process has been significantly altered or hindered, regardless of whether she or he was an author, reviewer or anyone else in the whole process. But finally, the present issue is here, with hopes that a different corona will come: the musical one, marking a big in-breath after the (dis)chord of the epidemic and isolation, and bringing new musicological reading.


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