Identifications through Musical Expressions of Africanness in Slovenia

  • Mojca Kovačič Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute of Ethnomusicology
Keywords: Africanness, migrations, ethnic presentations, identifications, choir singing


In the article I am interested in the ways that Africanness (as a representation of and identification with African culture) is musically performed in Slovenia. Africanness is being publicly represented either by African diaspora that is negotiating their ethnic identifications through culture or non-Africans that have established connections with African culture for various reasons. The article illustrates in which cases music offers a space of safety and self-identification, a place of fascination, aesthetic expression or cultural growth and enrichment.


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KovačičM. (2019). Identifications through Musical Expressions of Africanness in Slovenia. Musicological Annual, 55(2), 65-78.