Margins of Music

  • Dalibor Davidović Music Academy Zagreb, University of Zagreb
Keywords: Avant-garde, Tondichter, marginality, double life, solitude


The poetics of Marko Radmio (1910–1996) was marked by the rejection of the concept of “composer,” with the argument that the term implies the reduction of that which is musical to knowledge and technique. In contrast, in the forgotten German expression Tondichter (tone poet) Radmio found preserved the essence of the musical and therefore used this term when trying to designate his own activities. In this paper, the consequences of this change are explored both through Radmio’s music and through his thoughts on music.


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Author Biography

Dalibor Davidović, Music Academy Zagreb, University of Zagreb

Dalibor DAVIDOVIĆ ( studied musicology in Zagreb and Hamburg. His recent research has been focused on the music ontology of the Jewish philosopher Ivan Focht and on the work of the German film director Hans-Jürgen Syberberg. He teaches at the Music Academy in Zagreb. From 2016 to 2018 he was visiting researcher at Berlin University of the Arts.

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