Ideology at the Crossroad of Arts

  • Marcello Potocco University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanities
Keywords: ideology, discourse, literature, music, libretto


Proceeding from the notions of the social imaginary and the fictive in literature, the paper defines ideological interpellation as a possible function of works of art. Similarities in creating meaning by double referencing are highlighted, both in literature and music. Extra-musical elements seem to be necessary to establish a narrative and to trigger an ideological interpellation. With regards to this claim, the paper examines the ideological discourse of the »douceur du foyer« in the genre of opera.


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Author Biography

Marcello Potocco, University of Primorska, Faculty of Humanities

Marcello POTOCCO ( is a poet, translator and an assistant professor at the University of Primorska. He has published essays and articles in journals and publications such as Primerjalna književnost, ClCWeb Journal etc., and the book-length study National Imaginary, Literary Imaginary (2012). He has also authored five poetry collections.

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PotoccoM. (2018). Ideology at the Crossroad of Arts. Musicological Annual, 54(2), 13-30.