“Sacred Noise”: The Case of the Ezan in Ljubljana

  • Mojca Kovačič Institute of Ethnomusicology, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Keywords: religious sounds, ezan, bell ringing, power relations, Muslims, Ljubljana


This paper considers the situation in which the anticipation of a new sound in public space gives rise to political, social, and ideological debates. It demonstrates how the religious sound of ezan (the Muslim call to prayer) caused public discomfort even prior to becoming a part of Ljubljana’s soundscape, how power politics affected society and its religious sphere, and what kind of discourses take place in regard to the sounds associated with the Muslims in Slovenia.


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KovačičM. (2016). “Sacred Noise”: The Case of the Ezan in Ljubljana. Musicological Annual, 52(2), 25-38. https://doi.org/10.4312/mz.52.2.25-38