Parody Masses in Hren Choirbooks

  • Klemen Grabnar Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Institute of Musicology
Keywords: Parody Masses in Hren Choirbooks


The Hren choirbooks are a collection of six well-preserved large codices from the early seventeenth century that today constitute part of the Manuscript Collection at the National and University Library in Ljubljana (SI-Lnr; they are shelfmarked Mss 339–344). When the manuscripts came to the library in Ljubljana is not clear. However, it is most likely they arrived after the reforms of Joseph II in the late eighteenth century, when the episcopal archives from Gornji Grad were acquired (the library was then called the Lyceal Bibliothek). The Hren choirbooks are of large format and containing up to 591 folios. They are all written on good-quality paper, which has mostly not suffered damage from ink corrosion, making all the folios more or less perfectly legible and usable. All the books save one (Ms 342) retain their original leather-over-wood binding in white leather; only one (Ms 339) is bound in dark brown leather. The bindings are blind-tooled in very similar fashion.


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