Aspects of Slovenian musicians’ activity in the musical life of Austro-Hungarian Sarajevo (1878–1918)

  • Lana Paćuka Academy of Music, University in Sarajevo
Keywords: Austro-Hungary, Sarajevo, Slovenian musicians, Musical life


The paper provides a concise insight into the activity of Slovenian musicians residing in Sarajevo during the Austro-Hungarian administration. Besides the Slovenian musicians’ activities at the collective level, the paper discusses their individual endeavours and also endeavours from perspective of guest artists. Guest Slovenian artists such as Slovenian opera, was one of the most renowned ensemble that visited Austro-Hungarian Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Author Biography

Lana Paćuka, Academy of Music, University in Sarajevo

Lana PAĆUKA ( graduated in musicology at the Academy of music in Sarajevo (2006). She earned a master‘s degree in 2010 and a doctoral degree in 2014 (Musical Life in Sarajevo in the Period of Austro-Hungarian Rule 1878–1918). She became an assistant in the field of musicology at the Academy of Music in Sarajevo in 2007, and in 2014 was elected as an assistant professor in the field of musicology. From 2007 she is a collaborator at the Institute of Musicology at the Music Academy in Sarajevo. She was involved in the project Fundamental researches of Music in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which resulted in the first Alphabetic lexicon of musicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina – artistic music. She has published many papers about music history in Bosnia and Herzegovina and musical journalism in all significant magazines in the country and region. She was also a collaborator for Grove Music Online (Oxford University Press) for which she wrote ten articles about eminent protagonists of musical life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has presented her papers at meetings and symposiums organized by the Musicological society FB&H, IMS, ICTM, etc. Since 2014 she has been editor-in-chief of the main, peer-reviewed Bosnian and Herzegovinian musicological periodical, Journal for musical culture Music.

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PaćukaL. (2016). Aspects of Slovenian musicians’ activity in the musical life of Austro-Hungarian Sarajevo (1878–1918). Musicological Annual, 52(1), 11-26.