The Truth – In Music. The Sound of Différance

  • Geraldine Geraldine
Keywords: Truth, Music, Sound, Différance, Destinnerance, Résonance, Para-cite, Play, Graft, Song, Space-Between, Listen, Hear


This essay (trial, effort, test, attempt) through (on: the way we say that something runs on such and such an energy source) the truth in music has been written to be read as heard. To re-call the experience of the irreducible sonority of truth (in) music (in) words of which it speaks, and the play of différance – the threads of silence that run between (the) sounds that language/music/truth is mixed together with – that makes sens(e). Composed as a series of grafts (para-cites) on to the writing of Jacques Derrida, the paper engages what it  proposes, enacts what it tells: the deconstruction always already at work in a work (his work, this work, any work): the equivocal destinerrance of truth (in) music (in) words. Ce qui reste à force de musique. Neither poetry nor prose. Neither philosophy nor song. But something in between.


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