Josip Procházka (1874–1956) as ‘Czech-Slovenian’ Song Composer

  • Jernej Weiss
Keywords: Josip Procházka, ‘Novi akordi’, comparative analysis, Slovenian Song


Through a comparative analysis the author of this paper attempts to determine the essential compositional-technical characteristics, as well as esthetical directions in Josip Procházka’s eleven songs published in the magazine ‘Novi akordi’, written by the composer during his musical-pedagogical work in Slovenia. Wishing to determine the role and significance of the aforementioned songs in a broader creative context of the song in Slovenia, the author takes a critical view of understanding the progress as the strengthening of ‘national originality’, which seems to have set significant boundaries to the editorial policy in the seemingly ‘non-party’ magazine ‘Novi akordi’.


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WeissJ. (2006). Josip Procházka (1874–1956) as ‘Czech-Slovenian’ Song Composer. Musicological Annual, 42(2), 73-85.