Concertante techniques in Trois images by Ivo Petrić

  • Niall O'Loughlin
Keywords: Ivo Petrić, concerto, avant-garde, 20th Century


The large-scale romantic concerto has been reevaluated by many composers of the 20th century. These have included Stravinsky, Honegger and Frank Martin, who have all tended to compose on a much smaller scale. One such work is Ivo Petrić's Trois images, a violin concerto dating from 1972-73. It displays an ambiguous approach to form, the relationships between the soloist and orchestra, the use of musical motives and the idea of the concerto. On the one hand, it has links with tradition in that it uses the title and three-movement structure of the concerto, the traditional relationships of dialogue, solo and accompaniment, development of motives and virtuoso techniques. On the other hand, it breaks with tradition by disguising the contrasts and separation of the individual movements, and transforming traditional concerto techniques for use in the freely coordinated idiom that the composer was using at the time. It proves to be an excellent example of how concerto techniques can be combined with the techniques of the avant-garde.


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