The Catalogue of Works by Composer Primož Ramovš


  • Zoran Krstulović



The catalogue of works by Primož Ramovš, a member of the Slovene Academy of Science and Art, contains the data about his compositions and their publication in print. The catalogue is based on the preserved manuscripts and/or fair copies of his works, composer's list of works, previously published lists of his works, and catalogues from major libraries. The majority of the composer's manuscripts and fair copies of his works are kept in the Music Collection of the National and University Library; it is specifically noted if they are in other locations. The catalogue of the compositions is organized in alphabetical order according to the first letter of the composition's title. The data follows this pattern: the title, the instrumentation, the place and date of composition, a description of the physical shape of the material (manuscript and fair copy); at the end there is a note about the title and a citing of the dedication. The data about the printing(s) follow the description of the manuscript (fair copy). The title which begins with a numeral is resolved, and the one in other alphabet, transliterated. In cases of publication a title is omitted if it is identical to the one in the manuscript; when it comes to multilingual covers, the parallel titles are also omitted. Then follows a noting of the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication, data about the physical shape of the publication, the title of the collection and the publishing number. The bibliography consists of published material which was issued by the end of October, 1999. Added to the catalogue are a chronological list of works, an index according to instrumentation, and an index according to forms and genres. The chronological list is arranged by dates which almost without exception were given by the composer at the end of the composition. Manuscripts without a mention of the year are classified chronologically on the basis of other sources. The index of forms and genres is arranged in alphabetical order.


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Krstulović, Z. (1999). The Catalogue of Works by Composer Primož Ramovš. Musicological Annual, 35(1), 25–86.