Musicological Terminology - An Issue of Current Vogue?

  • Rudolf Flotzinger


Today it belongs among the self-evident fundamentals of a particular science that special significance is attributed to its technical terminology. This can with full justice be claimed for musicology, at least since the initiatives of W. Gurlitt around the year 1950 which were to give birth to the Handwörterbuch der musikalischen Terminologie. In 1968, in the course of a wider movement involving this question, the issue was for the time being clearly in danger that it might be done away with as merely a vogue or a discussion trick, all the more so since this did not seem to be happening for the first time. Therefore the author wholly traditionally proceeds from the title and still before that reaches back. Accordingly he first speaks about musicology and terminology then some concrete examples are dealt with, and finally he adds notes towards the problem of evaluation, not unrelated to the word vogue. Here it is emphasized that the elucidation of our technical concepts must not be a question of vogue or trick, for this elucidation to a large extent determinas the efficiency, seriousness and fundamental recognition and not only the prestige enjoyed on the part of other disciplines.


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