Bibliography of Marij Kogoj


  • Borut Loparnik & Zoran Krstulović



The present survey seeks to complement the bibliographical material gathered in the catalogue for the exhibition "Moja notranjost sem" (My Inner Self) marking the centenary of the composer's birth. It is based on printed and duplicated material accessible in libraries (some units in Chapter III only under the authors) whereas radio and television contributions, published merely in the original audio or video-audio form, are left out of account. The nature of the material and the usefulness of the bibliography have called for arrangement of the material in nine chapters, in which the units are classified in the alphabetic order of authors or titles:
I Full-lenght publications
II Treatises
III Seminar and diploma works, M. A. theses, professional papers, doctoral dissertations
IV Contributions
V Reviews
VI Discussions in other publications, studies, and contributions
VII Guides, lexicons, encyclopaedias
VIII Memoirs
IX Documenta varia.
Chapters IV to VI bring only a selection of the otherwise comprehensive and heterogeneous material. The criterion for selection was the contents rather than the length of written records: either the significance that they have for the investigation of Kogoj's life and work or the characteristic attitude towards the author or the existing (general) knowledge about the composer as contained in them. Omitted are, for instance, contributions containing predominantly uncommented quotations from Kogoj's articles as well as contributions and reviews in which the authors by the way and out of clear context reiterate general data or opinions. The only exception to this are contributions about 'Črne maske' (Black Masks): since this is the author's most outstanding work they are given in full, left out are only publicity notes, sundry mentions and brief sentences for which the opera is but an opportunity for and not the subject of discussion. In Chapter III referring to seminar works which had been expanded into or accepted as diploma works only the latter versions are included; likewise left out are some shorter contributions which their authors later on re-wrote or included into longer works. The parts constituting the annual volumes in Chapter I are as full-length units repeated under their authors, in the same way published full-length units or parts of them in Chapter III are given. The interrelations between them as well as those among writers and units are added in notes, which include also possible reprints or new editions of each unit, added informative material, echoes or polemic material called forth by them or other necessary clarifications. The latter are limited as much as possible. In particular concise are the data about Kogoj's articles, scores, and recordings of his works (merely titles, including possible doubts about the years of publication), as the material had been dealt with in the bibliographical records in the catalogue for the exhibition Moja notranjost sem (My Inner Self). Irrespective of the form of printing, of the writers and of the number of those engaged in conversation are statements in newspapers, public words and answers to questions posed by journalists classified under the names of interviewees or rather of those participating in the debate (in square brackets); the only exception being No 377. Full names are given for authors whose identity could be established through initials or abbreviations, whereas in brackets appear those names where the identity in spite of the initials or abbreviations (and with units unsigned) remained questionable: the degree of questionably was in the notes marked as "probably", "putative", and "perhaps". If the authorship remains unidentified, the units are classified according to concrete titles, with the writer's initials or abbreviations given in the note. Contributions and reviews published without title are cited with the first words in square brackets. For reasons of economy of space there are, with the exception of Chapter I, left out the editors of the publications, and with multi-lingual publications the paralel titles, and in Chapters IV to VI and in VIII to IX sub- (and supra-) titles. In all the periodics that are neither dailies or issued several times per week no mention is made of the day and month of publication. In instances where they came out twice only the second number (considering the current issue per year) was taken into account. When two different periodical publications have the same title it is only the more widely known title that is for not explicit reason quoted, whereas the second is given through the place of issue in square brackets; e.g. Delo [= Delo (Ljubljana)] - Delo (Trieste). Titles of serial book publications are limited to what is regarded as necessary or recognizable, while the indication of the Cyrilic script for units, author's photographies or portraits is omitted, and while for contributions coming forth in continuation only the beginning and the end of the publication are given. Irrespective of the language are also left out of account summaries when printed with the basic text; taken into account are only the translations of full-length units. All the titles of Kogoj's works which are not in themselves musical notations are given in quotation marks. Data concerning periodical publications are arranged in the sequence: annual volume - year (date) - number - page; where necessary for Chapters VI to IX the notes contain also pages on which Kogoj is discussed. This form of quotations is expanded or modified only where additional information or other kinds of notation signs were found necessary. Unfortunately in the case of some non-Slovene periodical publications the editorial principles remained incomplete, as in view of the existing circumstances it is not quite possible to verify them; except for Nos 59, 289, and 330 they are to be found despite the restricted information. The compilers are well aware of the fact that non-Slovene press has published possibly more contributions, reviews or discussions worthy to be taken into account but they have remained not within reach. The bibliography covers the material published by the end of September 1993.


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