The Ljubljana Handwritten Copy of Tractates by Guido of Arezzo


  • Jurij Snoj



The paper concerns a bifolio fragment from the National and University Library in Ljubljana, which contains sections of two treatises by Guido of Arezzo: Chapter 17 of his Micrologus and most of his Prologus in antiphonarium. According to its paleographic features, the fragment was part of a manuscript from the 12th century. In the transcription of the Ljubljana manuscript, which is given in the appendix to the article, the missing or illegible sections and characters have been restored from the critical editions of both texts (Corpus scriptorum de musica 4; Divitiae musicae artis A III), and are given in italics. The critical apparatus shows: 1. the differences between the Ljubljana text and the text of the critical edition; 2. the differences between the Ljubljana text and that of Wolfenbüttel 334, to which of all existing manuscripts the Ljubljana source is the closest. The variants of the Ljubljana manuscript, that are not to be found in any other existing source, are underlined twice; similarly, the unique variants of the Wolfenbüttel manuscript are marked in such a way, that the siglum of this manuscript - i. e. W2 - is underlined twice. Variants, that are of all extant sources common only to the Ljubljana and W2 manuscripts, are underlined once. Footnotes for which no source is given refer to the Ljubljana manuscript.


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Snoj, J. (1992). The Ljubljana Handwritten Copy of Tractates by Guido of Arezzo. Musicological Annual, 28(1), 63–71.